Add in AG3

Add in AG3 Porn games

Genre: Mod, Add-on

Developer / Publisher: Illusion & Community
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Informal
License: Freeware
System requirements: Installed amusement Artificial Maiden 3

Cha_files – vixens
Cha_thumb – women screenframes for easy selection (file names match Cha_files), so that each video clip can not play ’till at once
Cos_files – Clothing
Cos_thumb – screenframes of clothing for easy selection (video clip names match Cos_files), so that each file can not play till instantaneously

After unpacking the archive with the maidens and the weight of his clothes 117 MB folder. Light weight, because girls and clothes packed diversion itself.
Once the file is a female or a clothing maker opens and stored in data / save / m_cha (or m_cos) folder appears with the files much more volume and a maid (or clothing) may be used in the diversion. Detailed instruction in the screenshots in the spoiler "To set".

Add in AG3 Porn games Add in AG3 Porn games

File size: 353.1 MB

Add in AG3 Porn games