Valkyrie Destruction ver 1.04

Valkyrie Destruction ver 1.04 Hentai games

Release : Jan/27/2013

Poison presents our 4th Ero RPG!
Created on the theme of freedom of play.
Assume the role of Batz the Thief, rescue the heroine or exploit
her weak points or pimp her out. It’s all possible.
With 11 diversified endings Valkyrie Destruction is actually
a Role Playing Diversion of choice.

Shortly after the rumor that the kingdom was overthrown…
Monsters sprawled across the land. The demon king has assumed power.

In these times of peril everyone did their best to live a usual existence.
For Batz the Thief today was other day of pillaging and sneakery.

One day he learned that giants were hoarding a treasure in a mountain cave.
He only meant to steal the treasure, but ended up saving a encounter female.
Graciously she offered him thanks, and being something of a deviant
she rewarded his escalating deviating demands…

Valkyrie Destruction ver 1.04 Hentai games

Valkyrie Destruction ver 1.04 Hentai games

Valkyrie Destruction ver 1.04 Hentai games

* Not a standard JRPG!
You can go everywhere from the beginning of the distraction.
Depending on your choices, you’ll unlock one of 11 endings.

* Unlock skills through fight
Impair the battle maid, sometimes win, somtimes lose.
Explore your and to see all the ecchi events.
There are many to enjoy.

* Unlock special equipment
When you meet certain conditions you’ll gain access
to outfits beyond the standard, such as tentacle armor and
full nude exploration. Wearing these items will alter
the sex scenes, every so often alter NPC dialogue options,
and other features not normally available.

* Post game / New amusement plus
After the ending you can keep playing at your current
level with all your items. Do it all other time and find things
you missed the first time! Can you get every CG?

File size: 395.1 MB

Valkyrie Destruction ver 1.04 Hentai games