Hiiragi no tokubetsu jugyo

Hiiragi no tokubetsu jugyo Hentai games

Genre: 3DCG, Animation, DFC, Oral, FootJob, HandJob, Stockings
Censorship: Is the diversion (games) distribution

Developer / Publisher: blue arrow garden
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Medicine: Not required
Language Games: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Language voice: Japanese
System requirements:
CPU: Core2Duo 2.2GHz
Memory: 1GB
HDD: 1.5GB
DirectX: 9c
. NETWORK Framework3.5
Itsuka senpai … is senior and both thought to … someday … Ehehe the night scampish.

But, it isn’t me in response to my feelings at all What occured to seniors.
And even although it has already been so appealing!

When it’s information of Chinatsu, senior of today’s story and then the even detention
Can you Let pushing the senior in the classroom flocked as it’s!

The "Huh … ~ U do, N …… Tsu Oh there … Oh …… Oh, N … a sigh …"
"Per cent more brother … ‘ll do, huh …… more full, N do,’ ll Ah"

(C? Example in the classroom … and such senior … along … Chinatsu even tho’ a brother and sister …)


Next day —-

"Senior I’m to that it is lewd and Chinatsu"
♪ quit it now … take away the freedom of the hands and feet of seniors are upset at the picture yesterday

"… So I indeed love seniors …"
"You can have sex with me, Please choose better, Chinatsu or good"

No What made it so, ♪ skin of senior because I’m honest
The erotic seniors, remove the serious things, first from the foot.
♪ I will give to comfortably than Chinatsu using my entire skin

"♪ my feet, but please use the mushy thing white senior"

The destination …, please have game this title from here.

★ 2nd graphics such as illustrations totally! 3DCG animation H distraction run smoothly in 3D!
★ multi-angle of 3D only was popular in previous work will find holly your always in good health!
★ number better than or equal to 150 cut video!
★ complete book full Annie Mae application and full voice!
★ selection with "senior ♪" from the "Big Brother ♪" Pepper H in further
※ prologue is a senior strapped.

★ Footjob, Handjob, Oral-stimulation, desk posture, back window, easy-chair sitting position, the episode floor cowgirl!
★ By touching the holly, I can play in a variety of Positions!

★ The main character voice heroine Holly role: walnut ☆ View
Chinatsu sub heroine role: Nanami Cat

Hiiragi no tokubetsu jugyo Hentai games Hiiragi no tokubetsu jugyo Hentai games
Hiiragi no tokubetsu jugyo Hentai games

File size: 1.3 GB

Hiiragi no tokubetsu jugyo Hentai games