Slave Maker 2014

Slave Maker 2014 Hentai games
Release Year: 2014

Genre : Simulator, Flash, Sex Asshole, BDSM, Oral sex, Futanari, Company Sex, Milk, Titsjob, Angels, Demons, Babes, Neko, Striptease
Platform : PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Language games : Multilingual
Language: Multilingual
Installer language : Russian / English
Semi- economic strategy , semi -RPG genre in hentai . Mioya tiny kingdom , lost between several lands for centuries supplies scarce commodity – superbly trained lady slaves. You play as a representative of this proud profession – Coach bondslaves. You can work on guild or be a " rogue trader " .
Unlike other similar games , such as Otherworld, then valued individually. You will be given an untrained bondslave , obstinate , one thing. Your task – to make her anything that would be appreciated by potential buyers. You play the role of not only her appetizing skills, but also other qualities – beauty, sensuality , intelligence, temperament , elegant and so on. In order not to go bankrupt in the process of learning you will probably have to take her to work – my work is also varied, from the waitress and librarian to prostitutes . Naturally, this also affects the vixen – she was wiser in the library , but will become less sociable , and will train sex in a brothel , but goodbye , reputation !
Every week there is a citywide competition among slaveholders , where everyone can put his bondslave . The contest is held in different nominations – " the most intelligent servant ," " the most charming servant ," " the most sexually gifted bondslave " and so on.
As a result, we can get a number of bondservants – from escort maid that aren’t ashamed to appear in high locations, to the hottie – bondservant , bondservant – cat, " sled " bondslave … a lot of options
But we must not forget that the servant – is not just a piece of meat , but also a human being with its own characteristics and the past. And her past can overtake you at any moment …

Slave Maker 2014 Hentai games Slave Maker 2014 Hentai games

File size: 3.7 GB

Slave Maker 2014 Hentai games