Sarai no Me

Sarai no Me Hentai games
Release Year: 2015

Year: 2015
Genre: Bondage, Mind Break, Big tits, Bum, Blowjob, Union sex, Harem
Censorship: Present
Developer / Publisher: TinkerBell
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Genuine (licensed)
License: Freeware
Language games: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1, CPU: 1GHz, RAM: 64MB, 800 × 600, HDD: 1.08 GB DirectX: 9.0
Description: – Minamikokorozashimi the familiar township there is a "six strange".
Ghost story, urban legend that is handed down unbroken between the sons.
It what is nondescript, absurd play of extension of such things. Unawares forget, boring whisper among to grow.
Minamikokorozashimi in the town, there is such a six wonder.
"But …… they are. Other rumor"
"Oh yeah. Seven eyes of rumors."
"We should not be in the mouth."
And "It’s words that do that do not say"
And, seven eyes of rumors that are exchanged secretly.
It whispers of contraindications. It is secret, Kowaroshii rumor.
Dusk is at the last moment approaching, and dismal in city, have Sashikake the chilly shadows.

Sarai no Me Hentai games Sarai no Me Hentai games
Sarai no Me Hentai games

File size: 4.0 GB

Sarai no Me Hentai games