Dracu riot

Dracu riot Hentai games
Release Year: 2013

Genre: College, Straight, Vampires, Striptease, Comedy, Romance, Fellatio, Anal, Footjob, Enormous bust \ DFC

Year: 2012

Language games: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: WinXP / Vista / 7 CPU: 1.3GHz / 2.66GHz RAM: 256MB / 512MB / Vista / 7 / 512MB / 1.0GB
VRAM: 1280 * 720 DirectX: 9.0c HDD: 3,59 GB

Description: Yuto accompanied his comrade to the Aqua Eden, a special island city. During their visit, the protagonist accidentally attempted to prevent the abduction of, and … somehow turned into a vampire! So he began to attend college only for vampires. Probably because the perception is diversified from the human vampires, he finds few local gals irresistibly appealing, for some motive he doesn’t understand. And so starts a new life of the protagonist, filled with a bunch of hot misadventures.

Dracu riot Hentai games Dracu riot Hentai games
Dracu riot Hentai games Dracu riot Hentai games

File size: 3.7 GB

Dracu riot Hentai games