Shukubo no Uzuki

Shukubo no Uzuki Comics
Release Year: 2015

Genre: School, Mature, Housewives, Teachers, X-Ray, Milk, Gigantic jubblies, Bum, Oral sex, Titsjob, Harem, Playthings
Number of pages: 1267
Format: PNG

Description: The main character, an aspiring teacher in the college.
The protagonist became a lecturer because of a road accident in which the hospital sends a stranger who turns. lecturer in the hospital, it replaces our hero.
It takes a month, our hero acquires used to the teacher’s duties.
Our hero meets 4 married gals. One is a strict teacher that all the time our hero on every detail. The second kind and shy teacher, with whom the main character fixed a good relationship and that helps him in every possible way. The remaining two married gals are the parents of disciples who often come to the college to the main hero of every question, or invite him to his home.
Once the power of the protagonist is invited home to Satsuki, which strongly helped the protagonist to get used to school.

What occurs at the house of Satsuki and how will the relations between the four men

Shukubo no Uzuki Comics Shukubo no Uzuki Comics
Shukubo no Uzuki Comics Shukubo no Uzuki Comics

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Shukubo no Uzuki Comics