Sonya Emerald – Talisman

Sonya Emerald - Talisman Comics
Release Year: 2016

Sonya is seeking several talisman believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide protection from evil creatures in her countries. She need to find 3 and has come across the first one. She finds several Goblins mocking the Emerald Talisman, the creatures are clueless on what to do with it. They attack her but she makes fast work of them, in spite of that when she slays the Goblins, they and her weapons are turned to stone.
As she starts to absorb the Emerald Talisman power some wild tribes men show up and she has little defense now weapon less, they take the now shrunken talisman and then are about to chop her head off, however they receive a pleasant look at the back end of their appetizing rival and decide to bang her before her.
Sonya sees this as a chance to acquire out of the predicament, rather than use swards and knives she uses her horny skin and lustful lure to willingly let them fucking her, after a 2 on 1 wild sex session in hopes of an fortune to catch them off guard.

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Sonya Emerald - Talisman Comics Sonya Emerald - Talisman Comics
Sonya Emerald - Talisman Comics Sonya Emerald - Talisman Comics

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Sonya Emerald - Talisman Comics