3Ping Lovers!

3Ping Lovers! Hentai games
Release Year: 2015

Year: 2015
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Demons, Oral delight, Straight, Large bust, Asshole, Union, Harem, Pregnant
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Present
Language games: English
An admission that there is no merit such as this, hero and Tomohiro Kuchiki (Kuchiki Tomohiro) of male pupils.
The middle of the school one morning, he loses consciousness wrapped in dazzling light surprisingly.
When you wake up, there was a place never seen. "Where is here …?"
In front of Tomohiro that puzzled, two vixens were standing.
Ladies, tell that it has summoned the fantasy world using magic Tomohiro.
And dialogue was continued further, Tomohiro surprise more and more, so that confused.
Because for me that seemed the girls to say, and there is no merit, seems there is a "merit in" by nature.
The thing that has the effect of increasing the magical power of the semen ─ ─ Tomohiro of its merit!
Cuties fighting fiends that attack the people must have strong magical power, gimme the semen to Tomohiro and in order to enhance the magic.
And in this world sense of virtue is high, begin to say should not be not married absolutely After etch even once, Futari both have requested for married.
So, one chap ‘s is a general sense "Nitsuma Kazuo" to marry two chicks in the fantasy world.
In the fantasy world of common sense out, now, everything is starting days of married life and the Encounter of Tomohiro !!

3Ping Lovers! Hentai games 3Ping Lovers! Hentai games
3Ping Lovers! Hentai games 3Ping Lovers! Hentai games

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3Ping Lovers! Hentai games