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Release Year: 2016

Porno Taboo Video Comics 3D "Zonbies Apocalypse" Storyline: Zonbie apocalypse hit the world when nobody expected it. A new virus turns men and dolls into ugly and ever sex-hungry creatures wandering around in search of new human martyrs. Nobody is familiar with how the virus spreads and this beautiful ex-journalist Bella Jones comes to a decision to hold her own investigation. Today she is all alone in this deserted city trying to find the key to this apocalyptic mystery.
Having spotted a couple of fresh graffiti tags on the stairs Bella finishes to give them a closer look wondering if they might be the clues to locating an underground medical facility she’s been searching for. She obtains a little too excited and careless there and doesn’t notice a huge zonbie with a hardon sneaking on her from behindhand. Before she knows it, the momster grabs her, but doesn’t bite. Instead, he starts out ripping off her clothes, grabbing her tits and fingering her pom-pom. Next thing the poor gal is familiar with the creature is on top of her and his gigantic pink python is in her mouth fucking her throat with irresistible power.
Shocked, horrified and desperately grasping for air Bella unannouncedly feels something else. A new feeling builds up below her belly when the zonbie begins eating her dripping wet vulva. Maybe it’s the virus that found its way into her body through the creature’s python, but right now she doesn’t care. A new never before experienced wish takes over her flesh as she gets more and more aroused by this filthy denonic fucker. She doesn’t even see the zonbie anymore. She sees a handsome romantic man making love to her in a pretty garden while in reality she spreads her legs and lets the scary-looking creature bang her right on the ground.
So that’s how it takes place! The virus is apparently in zonbie sperm and it makes maids lose their mind over sex and hallucinate seeing things from their secret lustful fantasies. As presently as Bella gets the first taste of this massive zonbie dick she is doomed to become his human bang prostitute. She wants this creature more than she ever craved a dude and after a few powerful apogees she ends up just begging for the creature to give her a messy facial shot of cum.

3D Taboo Porn Film Comics "Cute Teen Banged By Evil Clown On-Line" Storyline: Kim and Vanessa were once roommates in school and even engaged in a lesbian relationship from time to time. Now they live in various cities, but still hook up on Skype once in a while to chat and maybe even do some crazy stuff like flashing their bust and watching one another stir online. This time they were chatting about men, sex and stuff and with Kim dressed in her hot evening outfit and Vanessa wearing a tiny pink bikini no wonder things started to get appetizing and extreme. Vanessa dared her ex school roommate to show her the jubblies, but as it turned out just a few moments later she was not the only one enjoying the view.
Almost topless and ready to ask Vanessa to take off her bikini top Kim unforeseenly felt somebody’s presence in the room. She looked up from her laptop screen and there it was – an ugly half-naked clown with a scary denonic smile and a massive foot-long penis. Kim was so shocked she started crying as the evil clown grabbed her from behind and her crony saw it all too cuz the connection was still active.
Moments later Kim was on the floor, but she now felt more intrigued and aroused than scared cuz the momster’s huge firm manmeat was rubbing against her back and her pom-pom responded by getting all sexual and wet. Vanessa probably felt the excitement too and even urged her ex roomie to show this appetizing creature how they used to fuck back in their wild sorority days: Yeah, show this ugly-ass clown how we used to do it back in college, comrade!
The next thing Kim knew she was on her back and the evil clown was pushing his big makeup-covered penis inside of her welcoming pussy. Oh, she needed that after a few months of abstinence and it felt so outstanding acquiring banged like that: Hasty, rough and unstoppable. She started moving to the rhythm to make the creature bang her even deeper and her girlfriend could hear the loud weeps of pleasure already wishing she was there herself to get her brains banged out by this -hung painted momster. She watched Kim take manmeat from behindhand and get fucked in a variety of unthought positions she never even heard of before. Her pussy started getting all wet too as she kept observing and she could tell that bigcocked momster clown was a erebus of a fucker, the one she on all occasions dreamed about when she was masturbating.
On the another end of the movie session Kim was on her fours other time with the creature settled behind and licking her cunt and buttocks like no fellow ever could. She got off twice already and the third orgasm was building up down below when the clown unpredictedly went from gentle cunny caress to power-fucking the maiden doggystyle. Oh, what a dick it was that made her scream of delight and cum even harder again! Her girlfriend couldn’t just keep watching it like that and started caressing herself right through her horny bikini. Her paps were harsh and her cunny was soaked in doll juice craving for a fine fuck and a powerful apogee. She kept teasing her clit while watching Kim ride that masterpiece of a momster dick and presently ended up totally bared fingering her clit with one hand while holding the tab in one more one.
Kim thought the fucking would never finish cuz this clown was fully insatiable. He blasted a burden in her constricting vagina and didn’t even finish for a second going for a deep and powerful backdoor acquiring into. Kim heard Vanessa moan of delight, her first apogee of the night, but she couldn’t even say a word being totally shocked!

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Taboo 3D Comics Taboo 3D Comics
Taboo 3D Comics Taboo 3D Comics

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Taboo 3D Comics