Fuwa Kumi

Fuwa Kumi Anime and Hentai
Release Year: 2016
Genres: 3d hentai anime smplace

A ridiculous plot with humorous characters. Blank (maybe Black?) and Brown are hungry, and they’d truly like to accept some hamburgers from the location across the road, but they’re broke. Luckily, it’s Lady’s Day at the hamburger joint, and they just saw a youthful gal go into a nearby alley.

When they go to ask for her help, they find her peeing (for some reason she couldn’t find a bathroom at ANY of the nearby businesses). Blank and Brown startle the young doll, so wretched that she forgets to pull her panties back up, and then desperately attempt to calm her down while explaining their dire hamburger situation. They shortly after realize that they have been rude, and have completely forgotten to introduce themselves to the poor young babe. They do so, and then ask her several times what her own name is (they don’t seem to realize that she’s having a heavy time understanding them).

She replies, quietly at first, but after their encouragement she decides to shout her name at them. "Fuwa Kumi"–panties still at her ankles, and yelling a name that, in English, sounds remarkably like "Fuck Me", Blank and Brown completely forget about their stomachs for an fully a variety of appetite.

Believing that Fuwa Kumi is a very appetizing, very fine-looking babe, they come to a decision to give her what they thought she was asking for (and hey, maybe then she’ll buy them lunch).

They fucking every hole, cum in every hole, and have fun a perfect heavy fucking in the alleyway across from the burger joint.

Format: Windows media
Duration: 24:00
Video: 960×540, Wm Film 9, 3906kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Fuwa Kumi Anime and Hentai
File size: 723.8 MB

Fuwa Kumi Anime and Hentai