Izumo Anime and Hentai
Release Year: 2003
Genres: Fantasy, Mystic, Drama, Comedy, Disciples, Demons, Miko, Virgin, Straight
Video language: Japanese

The protagonist, Hikaru Touma , studying in a prestigious college with the historical past " Private college Izumo ." This guy and his companions (mostly partners) are addicted to a variety of kinds of martial arts. Once Hikaru wanders into the old schoolhouse building , and there is an altar , which that chub had once seen in a dream. Hikaru concerns mirror this is on the altar , and somewhere it sucks that is accompanied by a flash of light and a strong earthquake. After the earthquake ends , gink hears the weeps of his friend , Nanami Minas schoolgirls junior class and a member of the circle of archers. Man rushes to her aid , and sees this cutie was attacked by a spider the largeness of a and it has snared its web . Hikaku meet danger face to face, and frees Nanami . Hikaru , tho’ they are still in the school building , draws attention to the fact this the situation is not as kind as it used to not hear the twitter of birds, the voices of people , and the entire campus seems absolutely deserted. But that is just a beginning of these two heroes …

Izumo Anime and Hentai
Total size: 1.0 GB in 4 files.

Izumo Anime and Hentai