Elenas Life

Elenas Life Porn games
Release Year: 2017

It isn’t lucky the young bride Elena. The dear groom is given the full-time job and doesn’t pay attention to physiological needs of the young bride at all. At new work the administrator lets loose hands. The sotted neighbor takes Elena for the ex-wife and too much confuses her loins to a body of the former spouse. And here still the husband’s stepson doesn’t feed for the of a piety at all. Fuel to the fire is united by the schoolmate of the stepson who directly declares this all white knots love black pythons and threatens to fucking the of the comrade as shortly after as possible. Where to move to the poor white woman?
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Female Heroine, NTR, Handjob
Size: 664 MB
Censorship: To is Absent/eat a patch for removal
Developer/publisher: Nickfifa
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: In development
Tablet: It isn’t required
Version: 0.4
Amusement language: English
Interface language: English

Elenas Life Porn games Elenas Life Porn games
Elenas Life Porn games Elenas Life Porn games

File size: 670.6 MB

Elenas Life Porn games