(Flash) Meditation sex Wizard

(Flash) Meditation sex Wizard Porn games
Release Year: 2011

This is 1920×1080 size version of the MEDITATION SEX WIZARD.

A pretty wizard summoned u! Let the light shine with the divine and sensual sex of the two!
That is a story of a sacred sex act, with virtual reactions!
The animation responds to the mouse movement.
21 animated situations with voice!
It as well contains 24 wallpapers in 1920×1080 largeness.

Please make sure to control the demo version for compatibility and read "readme.txt" video clip.

Age Ratings :
Types :
Doujin Software
Video clip Type :
Executable Video clip
OS Platforms :

WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8

Option :
with Voice
with Anime
3D artwork
with Trial Version
Classification :
core2duo 2.4GHz or higher
1GB or higher (512MB or higher for Windows XP)
2GB or higher
FLASH 10 or higher, soundtrack card

This product is as well available in 1280×720 largeness version. The contents are the same except the movie bulk. Larger bigness require higher specifications of your PC.

(Flash) Meditation sex Wizard Porn games (Flash) Meditation sex Wizard Porn games
(Flash) Meditation sex Wizard Porn games

File size: 3.9 GB

(Flash) Meditation sex Wizard Porn games