Monster Sex Trilogy

Monster Sex Trilogy Comics
Release Year: 2014

Monster Sex Trilogy features 3 disparate babes, 3 various monsters and 3 dissimilar settings. Each mini set has a 1 page text definition to lay out the story for u, and then the cuties acquire right to the performance.

Part 1: A Elf has been taken prisoner after losing a fight with dark orc like fiends. Maid is subject to a dungeon cell fitting a sex stuff for those creatures, a soft bed, candle lite and burdens of cum daily.

Part 2: Little Red has on all occasions been jealous of the relationship between the village protector Lycan and her . On that night Red takes matters into her own hands but can woman handle a Lycan’s horny rage?

Part3: Nadia has been taken, as so many pretty village chicks before, by a winged creature some call a god. That god in spite of that requires his captors to service him high atop its mountain castle. Nadia serves it but will lady ever be back home again?

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Monster Sex Trilogy Comics Monster Sex Trilogy Comics

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Monster Sex Trilogy Comics