Erin Vikki – Sleep Study

Erin Vikki - Sleep Study Comics
Release Year: 2015

Dr. Alexis Mackenzie, who is Witchstone’s youngest doctorate and academic poster-, that 20 something researcher is well respected and loved by her pals and academic peers. Her work in sleep science has lead to breakthroughs throughout the medical community, thus maid has been given important leeway in how maiden conducts her experiments. Tonight, girl has invited one of her almost any gifted undergraduates, Erin to her lab in order to trial her latest invention, dubbed "The Dream-Catcher".

The device thus far has led to some "interesting" physical changes in animals, Alexis believes that is in direct coloration with the dream the subject is having, now wants to watch what will happen with a human assay subject.

Anal, Large Milkers, Flesh Modification, Cumshot, Futanari, Big Python, Oral pleasure, Paizuri, Small Bust

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Erin Vikki - Sleep Study Comics Erin Vikki - Sleep Study Comics
Erin Vikki - Sleep Study Comics

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Erin Vikki - Sleep Study Comics