Elf Slave 5 Goblin Bride

Elf Slave 5 Goblin Bride Comics
Release Year: 2019


The Boer Orcs think Karen is no longer useful and decide to sell her. On the way, they meet different humans and fiends, any time Karen had to give her body to em at cheap coins. They meet the Spiky Orcs and decide to stay there overnight. Suzi received the proposal of Vics (the goblin who saved her from the Orc’s cell). Vics’ comrades wanted to share Suzi, but Vics did not allow it. But other wicked goblins have an cruel plan. One peaceful day, the goblins visited the Suzi couple.

What’s Included

245 high-quality images in JPG format
Bonus: 4 concept and 9 story digest images in JPG format

Additional Information
Artist/Circle Jared999D
Feature Ahegao, Anal, Gigantic Ass, Huge Tits, Creampie, Elves, Gangbang, Company, Massive Penis, Lactation, Onanism, Monster, Oral sex, Paizuri (Breast Bang)
Classification Fantasy
Gender Str8

Elf Slave 5 Goblin Bride Comics Elf Slave 5 Goblin Bride Comics

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Elf Slave 5 Goblin Bride Comics